This website is an example of an all-round directory/listing website. By "all-round" that we mean is that you can build any directory/listing site, even combine all of them with other features, such as e-commerce and frontend submit and edit listing. In this site we have created an example of accommodation (hotel, apartment, villa, private property, etc.), events (music concert, cultural festival, workshop, conference, etc.), food & beverage (cafe, restaurant, food stall, etc.), and generic business like on Google My Business but with more features. We also integrate booking and payment feature to this directory/listing website so that you can enable accommodation booking, table reservation, event registration/ticket, tour booking, and many more, the possibilities is limitless.

The purpose of this website is only to show you how multi-type directory/listing website connected to each other works. So, you'll not see complete website design such as home page, blog/news page, how-to page, custom login & registration page, contact page, and so on. But, you can try to submit listing, edit listing, make a booking, etc. Just use our demo account (username: demo / password: demo).

Core Features

Multi-type connected

Hotel directory, event, cafe, restaurant, tour & travel agent, corporate office, or all of them combined? That's easy!

Booking & payment

You can do more than a listing site. Enable registration, booking, even take payment, automatically.

Multi layout

Each listing type (single & archive) have different layout, also different look on desktop/laptop, tablet, and mobile.

Frontend dashboard

Listing submission and editing happen from frontend so that your users don't need to know what happen in backend.

Multi-type Connected

You can not only create multi-type directory/listing website, but also make them connected to each other

Event in accommodation

Let an accommodation listing promote their own event directly in their page. When visitor click on the banner/button, they will be redirected to detailed event page then register as participant. You can also enable payment system and take commission for every ticket purchased or if the event is free, you'll get new user.

F&B inside a hotel/resort

In some cases, a cafe/restaurant inside a hotel can't survive by only depends on hotel/resort guess, so they will need to promote to others. By connecting that cafe/restaurant to the accommodation listing page, visitor will be able to see their business details, menu, even book a table either directly to them or in your website.

Business conference

Lets say you have an event organizer or tour & travel agent business in your listing and they held an event that need to promoted such as workshop, conference, or event travel fair. They can list that event on their business page and accepting registration (free or paid) in your website. This means longer session duration and less bounce rate.

Multi Layout

Each business type is unique so you'll need to have different layout for each type, either in single or archive view

All listings

This layout can contain 1-6 column of listing with custom info inputted by listing owner. Column layout will adapt depends on device width.

Archive page

Each business type is unique, so does the layout. You'll notice that there's different layout for accommodation, event, F&B, and generic business type.

Single page

Different layout also applied to each listing page. You can have featured image as a header, map, or slideshow gallery. Or, you can use just 1 style.

Mobile friendly

Any layout will looks good in any device. You can display all information that seen on laptop to tablet and mobile or hide some of them to keep it short.

Booking & Payment

Take further step than just providing a listing. Enable registration/booking system and take payment for it

Free payment

If there's a listing that offering a free-entry event or free-of-charge service, you can push visitor to register for it through your website. By not giving a link to other website, you get more user.

Check availability

Sometimes listing owner need to check availability first before someone can book something. You can enable this easily. After owner confirm the slot, registrant will get email with link to pay the booking.

Pay in advance

Accept payment using debit/credit card, PayPal, e-Wallet, mobile banking, etc. Payment will go to your bank account then you need to transfer the money to listing owner (you can take commission using vendor system).

Frontend Dashboard

Don't want your user access the backend just to submit/edit their listing? We provide a simple frontend dashboard for them

Submit listing

Using the frontend form, your user will be able to submit any ind of listing, either accommodation, event, F&B, or generic business. You can set the status for new submitted listing as a draft, pending for review, or published without approval.

Edit listing

Listing owner will also get "My Listing" page where they can see all listing that they own and edit/update it directly from frontend. You can also set the updated listing status as pending for review or directly published.

User account

Basic user (non-listing owner) will also get their account dashboard in frontend which contain all of their order, booking, addresses, etc. You can also extend user account with social network capability (sharing thought, images, etc.).

Possible Integration

Besides above mentioned features, it's also possible to integrate other feature to this directory/listing website, such as

Paid listing

Want to charge payment or applying different tier of membership (with different capability) before user can submit their listing? We can add that for you.


Also known as "Vendor System", you can let user or listing owner to submit their product on this website then set commission based on each vendor or each product.

Separate store

If you want to operate as directory/listing site and have your own store, this also possible to setup. You can sell both physical or digital product and services (can be combined with vendor system).

Social network

Want to make your users more active in your website? We can add social network capability to this website. They can share text, link, photo, video, liking a post, comment, follow each other, add as friend, send message, etc.


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  • Accommodation
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