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Banten is a province in Java, Indonesia. This province was once part of the Province of West Java, but has been separated since 2000, with the decision of Law Number 23 of 2000. The center of government is in the City of Serang.

In its history Banten was once a maritime city that strongly rivaled the Kingdom of Mataram and now this area is a fishing village where you will still get a reflection of its past. The capital of Banten Province is Serang. Once upon a time Banten was a famous historical place, only 10 km from the city of Serang. In this place, you will find many heritages from the kingdom that was founded in the 16th and 18th centuries.

In Banten you will find the remnants of the former Islamic empire. The most famous are the Great Mosque and the ruins of the palace. Banten Grand Mosque was built in the 16th century and still exists today which characterizes the early architecture of Islam. Ujung Kulon National Park is one of the national parks and nature conservation locations in Indonesia that you can visit in Banten. At this location, you can see the beauty of tropical forests and one-horned rhinoceroses (Rhino sondaicus) which are excellent tourist attractions.

Peta Lokasi Banten

There is also Umang Island which is located in the tourist area of ​​Pandeglang beach, adjacent to the tourist area of ​​Tanjung Lesung. This tourist area is managed by a private company that provides a variety of interesting recreational and entertainment facilities. On this island, there are resorts arranged with natural artistic touches, equipped with meeting rooms, cafes, spas, business centers, sunset lounges, beach clubs, swimming pools and so on. In addition, water sports and recreational facilities are available, jogging tracks, cross country, tennis courts, karaoke venues, and others. You can go to this island with relative ease. Because this area management company provides car rental from Jakarta to the island or can also be reached from the Ujung Kulon area.

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