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Palangka Raya, Kahayan River, Tanjung Puting National Park, etc.

About Central Kalimantan

Central Kalimantan is the largest province on the island of Kalimantan, covering an area of โ€‹โ€‹around 253,800 kmยฒ where most of its territory is forest. The northern part is hard to reach mountains, the middle part is dense tropical forest, while the south is a swamp with many rivers. The climate in Kalimantan is hot and humid.

Central Kalimantan has a strategic geographical position, dealing directly with the Java Sea and bordering the provinces of West Kalimantan and East Kalimantan. In this province you have the opportunity to travel nature in the right place. That’s because Central Kalimantan is very rich in nature reserves, such as in Bukit Raya and the East Kotawaringin Monumental Forest group, Bukit Sapat Hawung in North Barito, and Merang in Palangkaraya City. There are also land and sea sanctuaries in West Kotawaringin. The Malau Besar and Pauras waterfalls in Barito Utara, Tangkiling in Palangkaraya. Beautiful and natural beaches in West Kotawaringin, and Ujung Pandaran in East Kotawaringin.

Orangutans are endemic animals that you can still find in Central Kalimantan, especially Tanjung Puting National Park with an area of โ€‹โ€‹300,000 hectares, precisely in the districts of West Kotawaringin and Seruyan. Here there are also other animals such as bears, porcupines, gibbons, beruk, monkeys, proboscis monkeys, anteater, crocodiles, slow lorises, freshwater whales (tampahas), arowana, spawning, marine biota, turtles, turtles, hornbills, parrots, parrots, and others. Central Kalimantan offers you a memorable experience traveling nature, culture, art and culinary tourism.

Peta Lokasi Provinsi Kalimantan Tengah, Indonesia

Palangkaraya food is dominated by typical Banjar and Dayak specialties, besides there are also processed Javanese specialties. The famous special Dayak menu is rattan umbut and coconut milk cassava leaves.

You may have never tried food made from rattan. You don’t need to have strong teeth to chew on something that is usually used to make furniture. Rattan that is still very young and soft and the outer layer is discarded. Then the inside of the young rattan is cooked with other vegetables. It feels rather chewy and bitter, and should be eaten with fish.

In Palangkaraya you will be spoiled with culinary made from marsh fish such as cork, tauman, mihau, kihung, kerandang, conjoined sepat, statue, bow, pepuyu, sepat, sisil, flotsam, and some fish that you certainly do not get elsewhere.

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