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Balikpapan, Samarinda, Kutai Kartanegara, Berau, Derawan Islands, etc.

About East Kalimantan

As a major producer of oil and wood, East Kalimantan is currently the most developed industrial province in Indonesia. Oil, mining and timber bring prosperity to the province. Travelers who have traveled to many places can still find adventure here to visit amazing places. If you want comfort, this is where you will feel at home because this area has developed in a modern way.

East Kalimantan has a variety of attractions, both natural tourism, agrotourism, and cultural tourism. Natural attractions in this area include the beauty of the vast expanse of the sea and mountains, rivers, dense tropical forest tourism, with a diversity of species of wild flora and fauna, such as those found in the Kutai National Park. In East Kalimantan, around 1000-189,000 species of plants grow, including black orchids whose price per interest can reach IDR 100,000-IDR 500,000.

Peta Lokasi Provinsi Kalimantan Timur, Indonesia

East Kalimantan is the largest province in Indonesia with an area of ​​approximately 245,237.80 km² or about one and a half times the islands of Java and Madura or 11% of the total area of ​​Indonesia. This province is bordered directly by neighboring countries, namely the States of Sabah and Sarawak, East Malaysia.

East Kalimantan has several kinds of ethnic groups. During this time known by the wider community is the Dayak tribe, whereas in addition to Dayak there is 1 (one) tribe that also plays an important role in East Kalimantan, namely the Kutai tribe. The Kutai tribe is a native Malay tribe of East Kalimantan, which originally inhabited the coastal areas of East Kalimantan. Then in its development there were two Kutai kingdoms, the Kutai Martadipura kingdom which stood first with its king Mulawarman, then later the Kutai Kartanegara kingdom which later conquered the Kutai Martadipura Kingdom, and then changed its name to the Kutai Kartanegara kingdom Ing Martadipura.

You should taste seafood while you are here. Because the majority of the population is Muslim so most restaurants here offer halal food. A variety of Chinese special foods can also be enjoyed at affordable prices.

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