Discover the Beauty of Maluku and Papua

Maluku, North Maluku, Papua, West Papua

About Maluku

The Maluku Islands are a group of islands in Indonesia that are part of the archipelago. The Maluku Islands are located on the Australian plate. It is bordered by Sulawesi Island to the west, New Guinea to the east, and Timor to the south, Palau to the northeast. In ancient times, Europeans called it the “Spice Islands” – this term also refers to the Zanzibar Islands.

From 1950-1999, the Maluku Islands were administratively part of the Maluku Province. North Maluku Regency was later designated as North Maluku Province. The Maluku Islands are often described in the tourism literature as having 999 islands, 90% of the area is sea with 77,990 km2 of land and 776,500 km2 of sea.

The islands in the Maluku Province are Ambon Island, Saparua Island, Aru Islands, Babar Islands, Banda Islands, Buru Island, Kei Islands, Kisar, Leti Islands, Seram Island, Tanimbar Islands, and Wetar Island.

About North Maluku

North Maluku is one of the provinces in Indonesia. The province, commonly abbreviated as “Malut”, consists of several islands in the Maluku Islands. The capital is located in Sofifi, Oba Utara Subdistrict, since August 4, 2010 replacing its largest city, Ternate, which has served as a temporary capital for 11 years to await Sofifi’s infrastructure readiness.

The islands in North Maluku Province are Ternate, Bacan Island, Halmahera, Morotai Island, Obi Islands, Sula Islands, and Tidore.

About Papua

Papua is the largest province of Indonesia located in the central part of the island of Papua or the easternmost part of West New Guinea (Irian Jaya). The eastern hemisphere is the country of Papua New Guinea or East New Guinea.

The province of Papua used to cover the whole of western Papua, so it is often referred to as West Papua. During the colonial rule of the Dutch East Indies, this region was known as Dutch New Guinea (Nederlands Nieuw-Guinea or Dutch New Guinea). After being joined by the Unitary State of the Republic of Indonesia, Indonesia, this region was known as the Province of West Irian from 1969 to 1973. His name was later changed to Irian Jaya by Soeharto at the time of inaugurating the Freeport copper and gold mine, a name that remained officially used until 2002.

The name of this province was changed to Papua according to Law No. 21 of 2001 concerning Papua’s Special Autonomy. In 2003, accompanied by various protests (the merger of Central Papua and East Papua), Papua was divided into two provinces by the Indonesian government; the eastern part retains the name Papua while the western part becomes the Province of West Irian Jaya (a year later it becomes West Papua). This eastern part is now the province of Papua.

About West Papua

West Papua (formerly West Irian Jaya abbreviated as Irjabar) is an Indonesian province located in the western part of the island of Papua. The capital is Manokwari. The name of this province was formerly West Irian Jaya as stipulated in Law Number 45 of 1999. Based on Government Regulation Number 24 of 2007 dated April 18, 2007, the name of this province was changed to West Papua. West Papua and Papua are provinces that have special autonomy status.

The province includes the bird’s head region of the island of Papua and the surrounding islands. In the north, the province is bordered by the Pacific Ocean, the west is bordered by North Maluku province and Maluku province, the east is bordered by Cenderawasih Bay, south by Seram Sea and southeast is bordered by Papua province.

Although West Papua Province has been made a separate province, it still receives special treatment as the parent province. The province also has its own KPUD and held elections for the first time on April 5, 2004.

List of Provinces

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