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About Maluku

Maluku or internationally known as Moluccas is one of the oldest provinces in Indonesia. The capital is Ambon. In 1999, a part of Maluku Province was divided into North Maluku Province, with the capital in Sofifi. Maluku Province consists of a group of islands known as the Maluku Islands.

Maluku has beautiful underwater parks, charming tropical beaches, and volcanic mountains surrounded by forests. This island is a famous spice island and has attracted many traders from India, China, Arabia and Europe to look for cloves and nutmeg. At present fish and other marine products are the main source of income for the people of Maluku. There are also nickel, oil, manganese, and various types of wood as regional commodities.

Peta Provinsi Maluku

The name Maluku is thought to originate from Arabic namely ‘Jazirat al-Muluk’, which means the land of many kings. This is possible because Maluku has kingdoms such as Ternate, Tidore, Bacan, and others. Kora-kora, their famous and strong naval fleet, were equipped with war canoes who were able to explore the Sulawesi Sea and Papua during their golden period. Kings get their wealth from spices, especially cloves. At that time the price of Cloves and spices was very expensive because of its ability to preserve food unlike now with a refrigerator.

Lots of seafood you can find here. Try grilled or grilled fish while you enjoy the beautiful view of Maluku. You can also try fish rice (rice and fish meal). If you are interested in trying to make your own food, you can buy fresh ingredients at the nearest supermarket and small shop.

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