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Papua, this is a vast beautiful land, has very natural forests and snowy mountain peaks rise high on glacial lakes. Papua is the largest and easternmost province in Indonesia, covering the western half of the world’s second largest island. Papua is a land of magnificent nature, beautiful beach views, stretching out from swamps, cool meadows and rivers carving ravines through dense forests. The island’s most populous parts are the districts of Lake Paniai and the Baliem Valley to the east.

Papua is the largest conservation area in Southeast Asia, located at an altitude of 0-4,884 meters above sea level and spread across 4 districts, namely Jayawijaya, Mimika, Puncak Jaya and Asmat. Lorentz National Park is not an ordinary conservation area like other areas because since 12 December 1999 the UN through UNESCO officially designated it as a world heritage site because it has more than 43 types of ecosystems, tropical regions with glaciers (Cartenz Peak) and Lake Habema which is amazingly decorated with grasslands alpine and marsh.

Peta Administrasi Provinsi Papua, Indonesia

Cenderawasih Bay National Park has beautiful marine and coral biota. Do not forget to also see the festivity of traditional culture displayed at the Baliem Valley Festival and Asmat. Here you can do trekking, hiking, hunting and adventure tourism activities. While in Wasur National Park in Merauke you will see a variety of unique mammal species.

The capital of Jayapura province is located in the hills facing the sea, and can be accessed by boat and plane. This is where General McArthur gathered his fleet to invade the Philippines during World War II. The word Papua itself comes from the Malay language which means curly hair, referring to the physical appearance of the indigenous tribes of Papua.

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