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Togean Islands, Lore Lindu National Park, Bada Valley, Palu, Donggala, etc.

About Central Sulawesi

Central Sulawesi has a lot to offer. This region has a diverse tourism potential, both natural tourism, marine tourism, agro-tourism, and cultural tourism. You can enjoy the natural scenery with mountain settings, forest tours, national parks, megalithic rocks, places that have a historical background, as well as a diversity of traditions, arts, and local cultures that are unique and interesting.

You can also find ancient granite, the traditions of life of people who have not changed, the mossy mountains, calm blue sea, and long rivers that can be used for rafting. Don’t miss snorkeling and diving between coral reefs. You will find beautiful uninhabited islands surrounded by white sand beaches and thrilling natural sounds in the national marine park.

This is the place for your adventure, trekking, rafting and bird watching. Sulawesi’s forests also have their own characteristics, dominated by agathic wood which is different from the Greater Sunda which is dominated by areca nut (rhododenron species). The variety of flora and fauna is the object of scientific research and study and you can visit nature reserves such as Lore Lindu National Park, Morowali Nature Reserve, Tanjung Api Nature Reserve, and finally the Wildlife Reserve in Bangkiriang.

The equator crossing the northern peninsula in Central Sulawesi makes the climate of this region tropical. However, in contrast to Java and Bali and parts of Sumatra, the rainy season in Central Sulawesi is between April and September while the dry season is between October and March. Average rainfall ranges from 800 to 3,000 millimeters per year which is among the lowest rainfall in Indonesia.

Try “sugili”, the local name for eel. You can buy it at the market and cook it as you wish. However, it will be easier if you go to local restaurants and food stalls, then order eel dishes. Banana Molen, a cake filled with bananas then fried or baked, tastes good for you to taste. Kaledo or beef and bone marrow soup is also worth trying. Remember that these foods use chili and sour so the taste is rather spicy and sour. It is very delicious to eat with a burasa made from rice and coconut milk then steamed in a banana leaf.

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