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Limboto Lake, Otanaha Castle, Olele Marine Park, Lito Saronde, etc.

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Gorontalo Province consists mostly of mountainous terrain that stretches from the north to the south of the province. The panorama of the Gorontalo Mountains is very amazing. Mountains and forests are houses for unique flora and fauna. Anoa, tarsiers, maleo birds, and deer pigs are one of the rare species that you can find here. Maleo, for example, is a species of bird whose eggs are bigger than its own body. While Tarsius is the smallest primate in the world, but has a length of about 10 cm.

You can find ebony, lingua, nantu, meranti and rattan trees in Gorontalo forest. In the southern part of the Gorontalo sea, namely in Tomini Bay, there are several small islands scattered. The islands are uninhabited and very beautiful white sand surrounds. Tomini Bay is crossed by the equator and is naturally inhabited by various types of marine animals. Because of this, Tomini Bay is a paradise for divers.

Gorontalo is the 32nd province in Indonesia. Previously Gorontalo was the territory of Gorontalo Regency and Gorontalo City in North Sulawesi. Along with the emergence of regional divisions with respect to regional autonomy, the province was later formed based on Law No. 38 of 2000, dated December 22, 2000.

The total area of ​​the province is 12,215.44 km² with a population of 1,038,585 people (based on the 2010 Population Census), with a population density of 85 people / km². The first acting Governor of Gorontalo was Drs. Tursandi Alwi was inaugurated at the inauguration of Gorontalo Province on February 16, 2001. This next date, although still controversial, is celebrated as Gorontalo Province Anniversary until now (2011).

Culinary fans should try “Milu Siram”, a corn, fish, salt, grated coconut, chili and lime soup. Can be found almost anywhere in Gorontalo, especially in the stalls around the market at night. Dutch influence also made Gorontalo one of the best bread cities in Indonesia. Cakes and pastries are delicious and match your sweet taste buds.

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