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About North Sulawesi

North Sulawesi Province is located at the tip of Sulawesi Island, and is bordered by the Philippines in the north. The capital of North Sulawesi is Manado. This place has been around a long time. Its strategic location has been accessed to the outside world for a long time. The Sangir Talaud Island group has created a bridge to a neighboring country, the Philippines. Therefore, the culture of the population in this place and the Philippines is at least the same. Initially both regions were strongly influenced by Dutch rule. There are still many parents who can still speak Dutch.

North Sulawesi Province has a large and varied natural resource potential covering various sectors such as agriculture, tourism, mining, industry, and others. The agricultural sector which includes the livestock, plantation, food crop, fishery sub-sectors is the dominant sector in North Sulawesi in accordance with the conditions in which the Province is an agricultural and marine area. Coconut, clove, nutmeg, coffee and vanilla are produced from the plantation sub-sector. While from the fisheries sub-sector, tuna, skipjack, grouper, seaweed and others are produced, which have been exported in large volumes to the Asian, European and American markets. In addition to agricultural sector products that are cultivated by the North Sulawesi agricultural community, they also have natural resources for mining and tourism that are waiting to be managed by investors.

Several kingdoms ruled in the past, such as Manado, Tabukan, Siau, Kolongan, Tahuna, Kendahe and Manganitu. The Portuguese first arrived in the 16th century to trade and spread Christianity. When the Portuguese left, Spain came to spread Catholicism. In the mid-17th century, Dutch influence remained until Japan came and took over this place for some time. Dissatisfied, after the defeat of the Netherlands in World War II, the Dutch tried to colonize this place again and even created a puppet state but the locals did not agree. In 1950 Sulawesi became part of Indonesia and became a separate province in 1964.

The dominating population are Minahasa and Sangir, other small ethnicities can also be found in this place. Ancient Minahasa writings called Aksara Malesung are found in several stone inscriptions including Watu Pinabetengan. Malesung Script is a hieroglyphic writing, which until now is still difficult to translate. Spicy and unique, that is the word to describe the taste of food in this place. Rica-rica is the name of a spice or sauce that can be used for cooking anything, can be with chicken, fish, pork, and even dogs (called r.w or water weh). Tinotuan porridge or Manado porridge made from rice, corn and vegetables is very delicious to eat with sambal. Bats are also eaten here.

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