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Wakatobi Islands, Baubau, Buton Island, Kendari, Kolaka, etc.

About Southeast Sulawesi

The Southeast Peninsula and Buton islands are inhabited by Toraja descendants with strong influence from the Islamic Kingdom of Bone. Most of the people in Sulawesi are Muslims. Most of the land area of ​​Southeast Sulawesi is covered by natural forests, with extensive teak and ironwood plantations, which are used for local handicrafts and contribute to the local economy. For those who like challenging adventures and ecotourism then come to Lambusango and the Kakenauwe Protection Forest, the Wakatobi Islands National Park, and the Basilica Islands.

Southeast Sulawesi Province is located in the Southeast of the island of Sulawesi, geographically located in the southern part of the equator between 02 ° 45 ‘- 06 ° 15’ South Latitude and 120 ° 45 ‘- 124 ° 30’ East Longitude and has a land area of ​​38,140 km² (3,814,000 ha) and 110,000 km² (11,000,000 ha) of water (sea).

The kingdom of Konawe from the 10th century resides in this area. Not long after that other kingdoms sprang up like Buton, Muna, Kemongga, Tiworo, Kalususu, and Moronenen. In the 16th century, Buton began to spread Islam. Buton follows Trenate to grow and sell spices. Buton became a strategic place to trade to make the Dutch desire to colonize this place too. The Netherlands made a puppet state by the name of Laiwoi, despite opposition from local residents. After the Japanese occupation, the Dutch still wanted to seize this area but the locals managed to defend their land.

Seafood is the main menu here. Do not miss trying grilled fish or grilled fish, unless you are allergic it should be avoided. You should also try banana epe and green banana made from bananas. The food here tastes rather spicy. You should try Sinonggi, sago porridge served with scallops and fish soup. Pokea or skewered clams with peanut sauce are also good, served with grilled sticky rice and several types of rice cake wrapped in banana leaves. For souvenirs and snacks, you should try bagea, cake dominated by the taste of ginger, and cashew, delicious to eat with tea or coffee.

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