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Bangka, Belitung, Pangkalpinang, Central Bangka, etc.

About Bangka Belitung Islands

Bangka Belitung Islands Province is a province in Indonesia which consists of two main islands namely Bangka Island and Belitung Island and small islands such as Lepar Island, Pongok Island, Mendanau Island and Nasik Strait Island, with a total of 470 named islands inhabited by only 50 islands. Bangka Belitung is located in the eastern part of the island of Sumatra, close to South Sumatra Province. Bangka Belitung is known as a tin-producing area, has beautiful beaches and inter-ethnic harmony. The capital of the province is Pangkalpinang.

The Bangka Strait separates Sumatra Island and Bangka Island, while the Gaspar Strait separates Bangka Island and Belitung Island. In the northern part of the province there is the South China Sea, the southern part is the Java Sea and Kalimantan Island in the east separated from Belitung Island by the Karimata Strait.

Bangka Belitung Islands Province was previously part of South Sumatra, but became its own province along with Banten and Gorontalo in 2000. Bangka Belitung Islands Province was established based on Law Number 27 of 2000 concerning the Establishment of the Bangka Belitung Islands Province on November 21, 2000 which consisted of Regencies Bangka, Belitung Regency and Pangkal Pinang City. In 2003, based on Law Number 5 of 2003 dated January 23, 2003, regional expansion was carried out with the addition of 4 districts namely West Bangka, Central Bangka, South Bangka and East Belitung. Bangka Belitung Islands Province is an area expansion of the South Sumatra Province.

Peta Provinsi Kepulauan Bangka Belitung

Bangka Belitung Islands has a tropical climate that is affected by monsoons which experiences a wet month for seven months throughout the year and a dry month for five months continuously.

Bangka Island is located on the east coast of southern Sumatra, which is 1 ° 20′-3 ° 7 South Latitude and 105 ° – 107 ° East Longitude extending from the Northwest to the Southeast along approximately 180 km. The island consists of swamps, low land, hills and hilltops, where there is dense forest, while in swampy areas there are mangrove forests. The mainland swamp of Bangka island is not so different from the swamp on the island of Sumatra, while its beach features compared to other areas are its white sandy sloping beaches decorated with granite rocks. Bangka Belitung offers you marine tourism such as diving, snorkeling, fishing and sailing.

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