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About Jambi

Jambi is an Indonesian province located on the east coast in the central part of Sumatra Island. Jambi is one of three provinces in Indonesia whose capital has the same name as the province, besides Bengkulu and Gorontalo. Jambi is the place of origin of the Malays from the Malayu Kingdom in Batanghari Jambi.

The area of ​​Jambi Province is 53,435 km2. Jambi Province is geographically located between 0.45 ° North Latitude, 2.45 ° South Latitude and between 101.10 ° -104.55 ° East Longitude. In the north it borders Riau Province, in the east with the Berhala Strait, in the south it borders South Sumatra Province and in the west with West Sumatra Province and Bengkulu Province. The strategic geographical condition among other cities in the surrounding provinces makes the role of this province quite important especially with the support of abundant natural resources. Industrial and community needs in the surrounding cities are supported by the supply of raw materials and necessities from the province.

Peta Provinsi Jambi

Archaeological Site Muaro Jambi Temple Complex is the widest Hindu-Buddhist temple complex in Indonesia which is most likely a legacy of the Srivijaya and Malay Kingdoms. The temple complex is located in Muaro Sebo Subdistrict, Muaro Jambi Regency, Jambi, Indonesia, precisely at the edge of Batang Hari, about 26 kilometers east of Jambi City. South Coordinate 01 * 28’32 “East 103 * 40’04”. The temple is estimated to date from the 11th century AD Muaro Jambi Temple is the largest and most well-preserved temple complex on the island of Sumatra. And since 2009 the Muaro Jambi Temple Complex has been nominated to UNESCO to become a World Heritage Site.

Jambi has similar foods like South Sumatra. Jambi is also the best place for you to taste fried pineapple, roasted corn and other special foods. And of course West Sumatra’s specialty food is Padang rice which can be easily found here.

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