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Ancient Chinese travel ink strokes refer to a region in the southernmost part of Sumatra called “Lampung” or “Southern Wind region”. This shows that Lampung has existed and is known for quite a long time in the world of trade.

Lampung Province in general the area is flat with high mountains such as Mount Pesagi, Tanggamas, Seminiung, Sekincau and Raya which are inactive volcanoes. Bandar Lampung, the capital of Lampung, used to be two separate cities namely Tanjungkarang and Teluk Betung Harbor which were covered by volcanic dust after Mount Krakatau erupted. In the next development, this city has become one city. Lampung Province is geographically located between 3045 ‘South Latitude and 103050’ – 105050 ‘East Longitude with an area of ​​35,376.50 km². Rainfall in Lampung is quite high each month, which ranges from 2-27 days. Temperature ranges from 22.50C – 32.80C with humidity ranging from 80% -88%.

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Many types of tours that you can do in Lampung including some old villages such as Sukau, Liwa, Kembahang, Batu Brak, Get to know, Ranau, and Krui, West Lampung. There is also the Sekura Festival held a week after Eid al-Fitr in West Lampung, the Krakatau Festival in Bandar Lampung, the Bay Stabas Festival in West Lampung, the Way Kambas Festival in East Lampung.

Lampung focuses on developing land for large plantations such as oil palm, rubber, rice, cassava, cocoa, black pepper, coffee, corn, sugarcane etc. And in some coastal areas, fisheries commodities such as shrimp ponds are more prominent, even at the national and international level. In addition to agricultural products Lampung is also a port city (liverpoolnya in Sumatra) because Lampung is the gateway to enter the island of Sumatra. from abundant agricultural products, many industries grow, such as in the long coastal areas, natar regions, tanjung bintang, bandar jaya, etc.

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