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Medan, Lake Toba, Berastagi, Mount Leuser National Park, etc.

About North Sumatera

This is a place that displays a different culture and kaleidoscope attracts the lives of Indonesian people. North Sumatra has a miracle that can realize your dream of tourism. The natural beauty of North Sumatra is amazing stretching from the beautiful Lake Toba, the largest lake in Southeast Asia, to a forest in Bukit Lawang which is inhabited by a group of orangutans. The beauty of nature and culture in this area is interesting to visit able to provide a place for the adventurous spirit that is challenging.

The terrain of this region has been formed from thousands of years of volcanic activity. Lake Toba was formed around 75,000 years ago from one of the world’s most devastating volcanic eruptions, to this day still smoky, Sibayak Mountain. Here volcanoes dominate stunning natural scenery.

The culture in North Sumatra is very unique, ancient and enchanting. Its inhabitants, known as the Batak tribe, still hold fast to the cultural heritage and traditions of their ancestors. You can find the culture and traditions of the Batak tribe in several traditional villages that offer the original face of North Sumatra.

Peta Provinsi Sumatera Utara

Peta Provinsi Sumatera Utara

In North Sumatra there are a variety of rare and exotic wildlife in Indonesia. You can find extraordinary and unique species such as orangutans, white-armed gibbons, and 17 species of birds. For you nature lovers and adventurers then this is the right place to see how this amazing ecosystem.

Medan is the capital and is one of the largest cities in Indonesia. The population of this city is diverse so you can find various ethnicities here. You can also find Indian villages in Medan which are inhabited by a majority of Indians. Medan plays an important role in economic relations, providing business land such as oil companies and plantation exports that operate productively.

Have you traveled the forest? Vacation around the cool nature or feel directly interact with native Batak culture? If not, then prepare yourself for a tour in North Sumatra that will impress the heart and unforgettable.


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