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Riau Islands, which have capital of city in Tanjung Pinang, are blessed with abundant tourism objects, the beaches are very beautiful and the culture is interesting. The sea is an essential place in this archipelago because it is a place for fishermen to fish and trade. The ‘Pinisi’ sailboat made of wood sails on these islands along with fishing boats and cargo ships.

Tanjung Pinang is on the largest island of the Bintan Islands which was once known as Riau and is the heart of the ancient Malay Kingdom. Today, Bintan is a bustling place for rapidly developing economic activities in Indonesia.

The Government of the Riau Islands continues to make these islands the main tourist destination in Indonesia. Less than an hour from Singapore by ferry, many tourist accommodation entrepreneurs take advantage of this business opportunity by building many star hotels in strategic locations. This archipelago consists of Riau Islands, Natuna Island, and Anambas Islands.

Riau Islands was once part of Riau Province but later became its own province in July 2004 with Tanjung Pinang as its capital. If you look at the population, the most important islands in this area are Bintan, Batam and Karimun because of their large population and as the center of Riau Islands economic activities. Meanwhile Natuna Island has a small population even though its area is wider.

Riau Islands with thousands of islands have many beaches and places for diving which are very beautiful, including Trikora in Bintan and Pasir Panjang on Rupat Island. Trikora is about 50 km south of Tanjung Pinang on the east side of the island. Pasir Panjang, which is located on the north side of Rupat overlooking the Straits of Malacca, has beautiful beaches and these beautiful beaches can also be found on Terkulai and Soreh Island, about an hour from Tanjung Pinang by boat. One of the most famous beaches is Nongsa, located on Batam Island. From here you can see the Singapore skyline.

Batam is one of the 3,000 islands in the Riaudan Islands which is the center of the Riau Islands with a location adjacent to Singapore, only 20 km or 20 minutes by ferry. Batam is a region with a fast growing population of around 100,000 people. As an industrial and tourism island, Batam has attracted migrants from various regions in Indonesia because of economic opportunities, of course.

Batam is a supporting oil industry area in Batu Ampar and as a rapidly growing electronics industry in Indonesia. Batam now attracts many tourists to visit and the number continues to increase from year to year. Many tourists who come from Singapore for a short vacation, shopping, or just a culinary tour.

Batam has international standard hotels and continues to develop in various sectors. With the size of Singapore, the unspoiled forests in Batam have now turned into new cities, mosques, churches, temples and supermarkets. A reservoir will also be built soon to accommodate the water supply for 800,000 population and for industrial purposes.

The airport in Batam which is an international gateway has been supported by a sophisticated telecommunications system. The city has a well-organized industrial park and this is the beginning of a new big city center in Indonesia.

Geographically the Riau Islands province borders on neighboring countries, namely Singapore, Malaysia and Vietnam which have an area of ​​251,810.71 km² with 96 percent of which are waters with 1,350 large and small islands that have shown progress in carrying out government, development and community activities. The capital of the Riau Islands province is located in Tanjung Pinang. This province is located on the strategic and most populous sea and air transportation traffic lane at the international level as well as on the lips of world markets that have market opportunities.

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