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Pekanbaru, Kampar River, Siak Regency, Dumai, etc.

About Riau

Riau is in the eastern part of the island of Sumatra and is home to the Malays. The first Malay literary work, Bustanul Katibin, was written by Raja Ali Haji (1850-1851 AD) and was published in Riau in 1857. This book is a compilation book for children who describes Malay language writing procedures with Arabic-Malay spelling (Jawi).

From this Riau region was born the basis for Indonesian. Riau Malay as the main language of communication for the people of Riau has a fairly long history, because basically Indonesian Language comes from Malay. During the Sriwijaya Kingdom, Malay had become the Lingua franca international language in the archipelago, or at least as a language of commerce in the archipelago.

Riau has many attractions that you can visit. Call it Jemur Island which is a group of beautiful islands located 45 miles from Bagansiapiapi. You can also explore the wild in the Thirty Hill National Park with the richness and uniqueness of the lowland tropical rain forest ecosystem which is a transitional swamp forest and mountain forest.

There is also a Bono tourist attraction, located in the village of Teluk Meranti, a location with the phenomenon of sea water flowing in and meeting with the Kampar River water so that waves occur at a high enough speed and produce sounds such as thunder and strong winds. In the high tide season, the Kampar river waves can reach 4-6 meters, stretching from edge to edge covering the entire river body. This event happens every day, day and night. Things that attract tourists to this attraction are swimming, fishing, canoe rides, and other impressive marine tourism.

Rupat Utara Beach Tanjung Medang offers you the charm of the natural harmony of the coast with clean white sand, clear sea water and medium-sized waves, a perfect place for marine tourism. There is also the Aek Mertua Waterfall which is often called the Thousand Stair Waterfall because it has terraced waterfalls, truly amazing to enjoy.

Map of Riau Province

The marine tourism object in Siak Regency which has a beautiful and charming panorama. Around the lake there are still pristine forests. The condition of the lake and the forest around the lake status of the Wildlife Sanctuary reaches an area of ​​2,500 hectares. Here there are still various kinds of rare animals and plants. The biological resources found in this lake such as red areca nut, arowana fish and protected Balido fish. The diversity of wildlife species in the Wildlife Sanctuary of Pulau Besar Lake and Bawah Lake is its own wealth as a tourist attraction in Riau Mainland.

If you are interested in cultural tourism and historical tourism, certain interesting things are available in Riau. Like the Barge Bakar Ceremony has become a national and even international tour. Pathway Festival in Kuantan Singingi, Baganduang Boat, Petang Megang ritual, An-Nur Mosque in Pekanbaru, Senapelan Raya Mosque, Juang 45 Riau Building, Siak Sri Indrapura Palace, Muara Takus Temple, and Benteng Lapis.

There are souvenirs that are right for you to bring home after visiting Riau, namely the crafts of the region. One form of regional crafts in Riau is a wide variety of plaits closely related to the needs of human life. Woven handicrafts are made from pandan leaves, rasau leaves, seaweed, resam grass, rattan, coconut leaves, palm leaves and palm leaves. The results of this woven form; baskets, chopsticks, glues, dams, mats, kajang, roofs, diamonds, food hoods, hoods and fishing gear called sempirai, pangilo, lukah and so on. Another craft is a form of woven which is very well known, namely woven of Siak. This weaving has a distinctive motif, so the selling value is also quite high. This weaving is usually done with traditional equipment. If you want to go shopping, you can visit Pasar Bawah, Traditional Market and Floating Market in Tembilahan.

If you are interested in special interest tours, you can visit Riau Malay Customary Hall and Indragri Hulu Malay Customary Hall, Buluh Cina tourism village, or Sirih Tugu Monument in Dumai.

Make sure you visit other attractions in Riau starting from Pekanbaru, Kampar Regency, Siak Regency, Kuantan Singingi Regency (Kuansing), Bengkalis Regency, Indragiri Hilir, Indragiri Hulu, Rokan Hulu, and Rokon Hilir.

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