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About West Sumatra

West Sumatera is in the central western part of the island of Sumatra, has a lowland on the west coast, and a volcanic plateau formed by Bukit Barisan which stretches from northwest to southeast. The coastline of the province is entirely in contact with the Indian Ocean along the 375 km. Mentawai Islands, located in the Indian Ocean and several tens of kilometers off the coast of West Sumatra, are included in this province.

West Sumatra is the right place for your adventure to the interior, ranging from the wild, wildlife, islands, beaches, to tropical rain forests. That’s because this is one of the provinces in Indonesia which is rich in sources of biodiversity and natural beauty.

Most of its territory is still a natural and protected tropical forest. Various endangered species can still be found, for example Rafflesia arnoldi, Sumatran tiger, gibbons, tapirs, deer, bears, and various types of butterflies and birds. The forests are inhabited by animals such as elephants, tigers, leopards and rhinos.

In West Sumatra there are also two National Parks, namely Siberut National Park located on Siberut Island and Kerinci Seblat National Park. The last mentioned National Park area stretches from four provinces, namely West Sumatra, Jambi, Bengkulu, to South Sumatra. In addition to the two National Parks there are still several nature reserves, such as; Rimbo Panti Nature Reserve, Anai Valley Nature Reserve, Batang Palupuh Nature Reserve, Harau Valley Nature Reserve, Bung Hatta Botanical Garden, and Sakingin Banyan Nature Reserve.

Natural attractions in West Sumatra which have high attractions such as Sianok canyon in Bukit Tinggi, Lake Maninjau, Lake Above, Lake Dibawah, Lake Singkarak, waterfalls in Anai Valley, Ambun Pagi, Carolina coast, Bumpus beach, Kerinci Seblat National Park (TNKS ); and volcano in Singgalam.

In West Sumatra there are also many prehistoric relics found in 50 Koto Regency, in South Solok and Taram areas. The remnants of the great barn’s tradition are manifested in various forms such as: the form of new dakon, large carved barn, big hollow barn, new barn rell, new grave, and new altar, but the most dominant form is the form of menhir. Other prehistoric relics that are also found are natural caves that are used as dwellings.

Meanwhile, cultural tours that you can enjoy include Minang culture in Padang Panjang, Gadang Clock, Pagaruyung Palace, and historical tours which include Japanese caves in Agam and Pagarujung Royal Palace in Batusangkar.

The majority of the population is the Minangkabau. Originally came from two main tribes, namely Koto Piliang which was founded by Datuak Katumanggungan and Bodi Chaniago founded Datuak Parpatiah and Sabatang. Then the two tribes developed rapidly into several new tribes such as; Tanjuang, Chaniago, Koto, Piliang, Guci, Simabur, Sikumbang, Jambak, and Malayu. There are also Mandailing Batak tribes, such as the Lubis and Nasution clans living in the Pasaman area, and the Mentawai tribe in the Mentawai Islands.

The people of West Sumatra adhere to the matrilineal system which places the mother as the head of the family. Women who have property and men who leave home to make money. Minang men are considered successful if he goes wandering. In addition, Padang restaurants can be found in various places in Indonesia. Minang people are known to be friendly and wise, they speak Minang with a poetic style of language.

The Minangkabau people have embraced Islam since centuries ago and the majority of the population to this day are Muslim. However, some customary laws are prioritized compared to Islamic law. Minang people like spicy food.

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