How to Order, Make Payment, Order Status, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

Login / Register

You can Login / Register before you start browsing by visiting “My Account” menu above. Or, you can register during checkout process. If you can’t see any menu mentioned above, you can click here to Login/Register.

Make an order

Simply choose footage that you want to buy, select its size / license, add to cart, checkout, choose your method of payment, finish the process, and done.

Make payment

You can choose to pay with your Visa / MasterCard debit / credit card, bank transfer / ATM / internet banking, or using your GO-PAY wallet balance.

Check order status

We use automated payment process, which mean your order status will be automatically confirmed once your payment is succeded. If after make successful payment you’re not redirected back to our website or didn’t see our “Thank You” page, you can check your order status here.

Download footage

Upon successful payment, the system will redirect you to our “Thank You” page where you can download your footage directly from there. You can also download your footage from our Order Confirmation email (please also check your spam folder) or from your Download page here.

Ask for refund

Basically, you can’t. After payment and order confirmed, you can not file any refund, except for some cases. Check Refund Policy in our Terms of Use here.

Footage licensing

There are 4 types of License for 2 different types of footage, which is Social License, Web License, Full License, and Video License.

What’s the differences between each License?

The Social License, Web License, and Full License is for photo and the Video License is for video. You can read the difference of each in our Footage Licensing page here.

Can I use Social License photo on my website?

No, you can’t. Each License covers different needs and usage. In order to use your photo in your web, you need at least buy the Web License, or higher.

Can I use the video in my YouTube or even commercial movie?

Yes, there’s only 1 type of License for video, which is Video License. You can use your video for any purposes, including commercial but exclude some other things that you can’t, such as reselling only those footage to other party. Read the Video License here for more details.

Can I scale up the size of footage that I buy?

Actually it’s up to you, but do remember that scaling up your footage might cause a pixelation that make your viewers not happy. Our pricing is already cheap if you compare to other equal service, even for Full License photo or 4K video.

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